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         So Naturally Done was founded in 2014 in Harlem NY by Chris McLeod, problem was I just didn't know it, but what I did know was I needed to change my lifestyle fast.

         So I took to the jogging track and started a less than impressive slow trot around the track it wasn't pretty at all but for some strange reason that lap had bought a smile to my face. The more I ran the stronger I got and the clearer my thoughts became the fog was actually starting to lift, my confidence  became more evident and ideas became more visual especially during my running session and that's when I got the idea for SO NATURALLY DONE, I used my previous silk-screening and apparel experience to start my own brand, a brand built on life changing events that had broke me down then built me back up, the beauty of expressing my feelings through creativity and staying healthy at the same time was a game changer for me. I really love what I do.